In life we have to make choices and decisions. We have to choose between yes or no, left or right, work or chill, sleep or wake up, lie or tell the truth, remain or brexit. The consequences of these choices we make can have long term effects whether it be relief or regret. They have an impending impact on us and our lives.

During our time in Ghana, we visited my mother’s pastor and he gave my sister and I a mini-sermon based on the topic of ‘choices’. He focused on 5 aspects that stuck with me and I feel like sharing with you guys. So let’s get into it:

  1. Put God first

god-firstThe scripture that comes to mind when I think of this choice is Matthew 6:33

But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you

Keyword being “first”, don’t seek God because you have no more options and resources to depend on. Choose Him first because you want to and because you appreciate who He is. As a result, everything else that is dear and near to you e.g. your career, will be added to you. So we need to make a conscious decision to put God first on our priorities list. This is actually easier said than done. But it’s an inevitable decision that needs to be made.


2. Friends


Choose your friends wisely. Quality is better than quantity. My first blog post was on ‘the key characteristics of a good friend’. Check it out if you haven’t already. But when you are choosing people you would classify as friends, consider the following; does the friendship benefit you and encourage you to be the best version of yourself? Is the person loyal? Are they honest, real and open? Can you trust the person?


3. Where you live


Sometimes something as simply as where you live can have an influence on the amount of opportunities that are accessible to you. Additionally, it can work hand in hand with your safety. For instance, if the location you choose to live in is known to have a high rate of gun violence then I think you need to re-evaluate your living arrangements. Moreover, where you live can also influence future events like the upbringing of your child. For the reason that, a popular debate in psychology called ‘The Nature-Nurture debate’ states that an individual’s behaviour can be influenced by biological components like genes therefore nature or the person’s environment therefore nurture. This demonstrates that where you live can also possess a determining factor.


4. Career


Choose your career wisely. Don’t choose it because of how much money you would acquire from it, what people would think of you or because it’s the easiest option. Choose it because you know that it is the reason for your existence therefore you cannot imagine yourself doing anything else. Choose your career on the basis of how it’s going to enable you to have an impact on your community and generation through using the gifts and talents that you possess.


5. Life partner


Hmm. Choose love over lust guys. Yes you have to be attracted to your life partner. However, do not give attraction complete control. Ensure that this person is your best friend and companion. Ensure that they possess the attributes that will enable you both to grow together. Ensure that they have good intentions towards you and others. And ensure that they make you feel good. If any alarm bells are ringing, don’t ignore them, address them and fix them before it’s too late. Most importantly, don’t force compatibility. If you are not compatible, let it go. Don’t worry. There is truly someone for everyone. Don’t force it. Just be patient.

As you guys know, I am a Christian. So I believe the best thing to do when making these decisions is to ask God for guidance. But in general, we must take our time when making choices because they can have a ripple effect. So take your time, consider, reflect and decide.


Quote of the day

“We make our choices, then our choices make us”


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