What is the definition of security?

the state of being free from danger or threat

So today, I am going to be focused on the topic of security. This came up one day when myself and my dad were travelling to Leicester for something. Now, because we had to get there very early we left at like 5:30 in the morning. Therefore, it was very dark. And because it had rained the day before, the roads were extremely wet.


So, the majority of the journey was on the motorway. As the journey went on, I felt some tension in the car and I looked at my dad and he looked a bit strange. So I asked him ‘daddy are you ok?’ and he confessed that he does not fill comfortable driving on the motorway when the road is wet and it’s pitch black dark. This is because he always feels paranoid when all of these components are present. Moments later, lo and behold the rain started to pour! Can you imagine, when the timing is just on point right!


If I tell you, this journey became one of the quietest journeys ever. For the reason that my dad was so self conscious and had to concentrate. As a result, my dad’s anxiety made me very worried and on edge to the point that even though I was really tired. I couldn’t bring myself to sleep. For the reason that my dad is never paranoid or nervous about anything, so I was not use to getting that kind of energy from him.

Anyway, so you might be thinking. What is the point of this story? Well the point is, we must appreciate those in our lives that have provided us with some kind of serenity in our lives. Whether it be emotional, financial or mental security. We must appreciate them. This is because, it wasn’t until this event happened that I realised that sometimes I depend on my dad’s peaceful nature. And for that reason, I was filled with so much gratitude towards him.

Sometimes it’s easy for us to take our loved ones for granted because we are always around them. But please remember to tell your loved ones that you are grateful for their lives, what they do for you and that you love them and miss them when they are gone. Make sure they know this.


Peace and love,

Abi x


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