About me

Take 1- Introduction

I’m a new blogger and hoping to be for a while so before I get straight into it let me introduce myself. Sooo, my name is Abigail also known as Abi also known as Abz and also known as so many other names but I will spare you! I am a proud Ghanaian who was born and raised in Britain but still loves and acknowledges my roots.

You must be wondering why I’m doing this. If it’s because I want to pursue a career in writing of any sort, if I want extra cash or in my case cash full stop! The life of a student isn’t very easy.

Well, I actually just finished my first year at uni  studying Psychology.. So I definitely am not going to become a journalist anytime soon.

However, the reason I’ve decided to start blogging is because I really want to inspire,  motivate and encourage people. Including myself.

Throughout this journey, I’m just going to be myself and give my take on different aspects of life in some cases it may take the form of a diary entry where I fully pour out my own experiences.

But yeah, just sit back chill get a snack and let’s reflect as we embark on this interesting unpredictable journey hosted and administered by yours truly Abi’s take! Whoop!!


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Quote of the day:

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!

Audrey Hepburn